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When it comes to pizza in the Knoxville area, Hard Knox Pizzeria is one step higher than any other and one of the best in Knox County.

If you're leaving town without trying one of Knoxville's most creative soft drinks, make sure to stop by and have an ice cream. Tomato Head's is the kind of place you have to go if you like to eat, and the soul food classics served here are among the best ever. If you're driving through Knox County on your way back from a trip to New Orleans or New York, don't miss this place, because it's all about the house - black bean hummus. A catering company has transformed into a full-service restaurant and bar on the second floor of a building on the corner of East Main and Main Streets.

Enjoy complimentary biscuits and blackberry jam with your chicken - fried steak or enjoy biscuits with sausage sauce. Favorites include chicken and waffles, the hot dog and the sweet and sour chicken sandwich.

The greasy elixir of the frying pan makes all the difference in a good dive burger, and the menu is full of delicious options such as bacon, devilish eggs, chicken and waffles, pork ribs and more, making this Tennessee place worth a visit. Fans' favourites on the huge menu include the steam-pressed hoagie, a burger that rivals all the others on the list. My meaty favourites on the menu include tender ribs and pulled pork, which never quite do without a side of deep-fried cucumber.

What you normally order in a crepe shop comes in two varieties: strawberry jam, naturally with an au jus side dish, or strawberry cream pancakes, with three toppings, and a variety of cheeses.

How to claim your prize: The winners will be notified via an outpost at their location, their prize will be collected and sent directly to them by post. You won't be able to list them all here, but you should sign up for our daily Nashville email here and visit some of your favorite local locations to see what their plans are, so you'll be the first to get a taste of the food, drink, and fun that Music City has to offer.

From the grill series - fried chicken to pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, you can choose from Romano's Macaroni Grill. The menu includes in-house lamb sausages, pork ribs and beef breast, but carnivores should seriously consider adding their marinated tofu sandwiches to their menu.

With a farm menu that looks fantastic and is a must, you can put this bistro on the list of the best brunch places in Knoxville. No trip to Knoxville would be complete without a visit to the popular cafe, cafe and restaurant on East Main Street.

Cumberland Ave. is becoming even more affordable, with burgers starting at $5.50 and steel queues outside. If you're looking for a good sandwich with grilled cheese, bacon, tomatoes, cheese and gravy, Knoxville's North Corner Sandwich Shop is one of the best places to get an overview. This place is becoming more affordable, with burgers starting at five dollars (50 dollars) and the queue outside the doors is steely.

The baristas know what they're doing and often create unique drinks like bourbon butterscotch latte. Those who come for the famous Blackberry Farm beer will easily find themselves here. You will also receive competent staff who will always be at your side to help you choose the perfect libation for your meal. We # ve found some of the best restaurants in Knoxville in this guide, and we hope you find it useful as a source of information.

East Tennessee is not the easiest place to find quality seafood, but while chic taqueras and $12 guac are great, nothing beats the fast and cheap Mexican food you can find in the Southeast.

Fresh fish arrives from the docks every day and the fresh fish is grilled to perfection. Steaks and prime ribs are cut by our own butcher, ensuring that every steak or prime rib that comes out of the kitchen is perfect.

Bonefish offers a variety of original sauces and toppings that customers can combine with the fish of their choice. The kitchen at Stock & Barrel, home to some of Knoxville's best burgers, specializes in serving unique combinations of ingredients that satisfy customers. From wood-burning stoves to fresh fish, everything from our kitchen is excellent.

Cruze Farms recently opened its first grocery store in Knoxville, and you can find it in grocery stores and pop-ups. Peanuts in cans and buckets can be nibbled while you wait for your freshly prepared meal.

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