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Welcome to Knoxville and welcome to one of the best restaurants in the entire state of Tennessee. Aside from the elusive shoe store, here are some places that hit me when I go out, as well

Get your fries and head to the East End to buy one of the best burgers in the state of Tennessee, or at least in Knoxville.

Get your flakes fixed and dig into one of the best burgers in Tennessee, or at least in Knoxville. Take a spoon, dig in and find a plentiful plate, and get to work with a hot dog or a side of hot dogs or chicken wings.

In Knoxville, there are about 20 food outlets that are delivered before check-in, and there is a way to find out which of them are delivered. The way we discovered the places we ate was by searching Uber Eats, a popular online delivery service for restaurants. We were able to highlight some of the restaurants that are popular with Knox County residents. To browse through the place where we eat and get an idea of what's popular in Knox Valley, where the average rating is 4.6, we looked at restaurant reviews from UberEats users and looked for categories of cuisine (such as Asian).

We headed for many more, serving a wide variety of dishes, from fried to fried, and many of them are served at the same time.

Taco Mamacita in Chattanooga and Nashville is one of those places you can't get enough of, even if you don't get the traditional tacos, such as tacos con quesadillas, tacos con chihuahua and tacos with chorizo. The tacos are full of spicy and authentic; try many of the typical tacos, including the fried tuna tacos and chicken tacos. Check out the menu for more of Knoxville's most popular taco joints and restaurants.

For those with a taste for red meat, Stock & Barrel also offers burgers with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, beef breast and other meats.

Clumpies Ice Cream Co. in Chattanooga has a variety of flavors from around the world, including pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin ice cream and even pumpkin pie. If you prefer peach iced tea, you'll find what you're looking for here, because seriously: it tastes exactly like frozen pumpkin cheesecake.

Visit Knoxville for some fresh, artisanal and vegetarian dishes at Sunspot, where fresh and handmade vegetarian foods are available. If you are a fan of barbecues, you can't go wrong or find your cue at the local barbecue, but if you are, you can find a cue here.

The superb cafeteria-style restaurant includes fried chicken, chicken and waffles fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and more. Without a visit to the local grill restaurant Bar - B - Que, a trip to Knoxville would not be complete. Make sure to order the fried okra and chicken sandwich or chicken and waffles with chips.

Hatties goo with seasonal and classic ice flavors, garnished with manufactured - by - scratch toppings. Where the milkshake comes in a preserving jar stacked high with roasted marshmallows, chocolate chips and a pinch of vanilla.

Here are some of the best take-out options we found on our way to Knoxville. If you prefer to get your order rather than have it delivered, check it out. If you want to fortify yourself with a meal, order what you want and now you are being treated. They offer pick-up, but if you want a full meal, you can order all the food and drinks you need and want in one place.

We started our day at OliBea, which was named one of the best breakfast spots in the state by Food & Wine. Visit the home of award-winning chef James Beard for a quick breakfast or lunch with a glass of wine or beer.

Brunch is the specialty, and there are pancakes galore on the menu, but the latest iteration includes the usual eggs, biscuits, gravy and grains, and adds an egg-free version of their egg pastrami Benedict. Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis has been praised in a variety of publications and serves vegan hot dogs with chili, cheese, sauerkraut, veganaise and more. Elvira's Cafe Sevierville opened its second location in Knoxville, which starts seasonally in March. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as some special events, such as the annual Tennessee Food & Wine Awards.

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