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The ninth-ranked Tennessee Vols basketball team will play the Arkansas Razorbacks for the first time this season on Saturday, November 4. Tennessee lost its first contest of the season and fell to Alabama 71-63 on Saturday night. The Tennessee Volunteers will win their first real road game in more than two weeks as they do business in Arkansas, the Razorbacks return home to play in Georgia, while Tennessee plays at home against Arkansas State on Sunday, December 3, at 7: 30 PM ET.

Less than three weeks later, Tennessee drove to Baton Rouge and managed a 78-63 away win over Louisiana-Lafayette in the second game of a round-trip trip trip and the Vols' first away win of the season.

In the weeks that followed, the Big Orange won two NCAA tournament games and advanced to the Sweet 16 for the first time in the program's history. The Tennessee women's basketball team won the national championships in 2007 and 2008, bringing Pat Summit's record in college basketball to the top.

In 2009, Glenn was named C-USA Coach of the Year for his role in helping Tennessee achieve this historic achievement and for his contributions to the program.

Under Loan's leadership, the Lady Vols broke 18 of 19 Tennessee swimming records, had 19 different athletes win more than 120 All-America awards and finished in the top five of the SELC for the first time in school history. Tennessee won 78 percent of its games and clinched its first regular-season title in 2013. The University of Tennessee Lacrosse has won four SelC championships and three national tournament appearances since 1993.

Tennessee has finished in the top 10 for the last three years in a row, finishing second in 2010, and has won four consecutive regular-season titles and two national championships. The Volunteers have won three consecutive SEC championships and four of the last five SelC titles.

Women's rowing, which competes in the Big 12, is the only sport in Tennessee that does not compete outside the SEC. Tennessee's men's and women's athletics programs and volleyball team have won five SEC championships and are coached by J.J. Clark, who also coaches the men's and women's field hockey programs.

Tennessee finished the season in 13th place in the Campbell poll and had four players named to the All-SEC team. Josiah Jordan - James had a team-high 10 points for Tennessee and the Vols soared to the top of the charts in four years. When Tennessee was ranked first, assistant Chris Woodruff teamed up with former men's basketball coach Jim McElwain, a former assistant at Texas A & M.

If Vescovi can have a game in which he gets help from his other teammates, the Tennessee Volunteers will win 2-1. Tennessee fans expect the Vols to fight for the SEC East title and possibly secure a spot in an SEC championship game. A dream season in Knoxville would bring Tennessee into the national conversation, but I believe that the absence of a college football season for Knox County would go down in history like a nuclear bomb.

If Arkansas can limit live ball turnovers, they have a chance to give Tennessee a big away win, but Vanover will have to play much better. To hold their own against a powerful Arkansas team that visits Knoxville on Wednesday, the Vols also need to find a new way to win that game. If Arkansas hopes to keep up with Tennessee, it needs to split the ball and fend off key shots. The Razorbacks need the support of all the players on the court if they are to upset the Tennessee Volunteers.

I mentioned in an earlier column that it would probably be Auburn and Arkansas that would cause the most trouble for this Tennessee team. While the Razorbacks can still score a decent score against the Tennessee Volunteers, their 9-0 start to the season is due to a lack of competition.

To get back on track against the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Tennessee Volunteers need to shoot more efficiently. Tennessee was buried on its home soil and instead, the Vols stared into the barrel of a four-game losing streak against the Alabama Crimson Tide, with Alabama nailing five straight.

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With Tennessee producing some of the NFL's best athletes today, and with the Volunteers planning to continue this trend long into the future, the stadium and its fans are a powerful recruiting tool.

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